STUDIOTEO is a professional live concert and studio recording service. Our diverse experience, specializing in location recording (concert halls, sacred spaces, and performing art centers), provides the ability to best document any performance from beginning to finish. With high quality preamps (millennia), microphones (Neumann, Schoeps, Royer, and Earthworks), and converters (Apogee) along with highly skilled editing, mixing, and mastering, we capture for the most discerning ear.

For the projects requiring a typical studio space, STUDIOTEO offers a live room with isolation booth, suitable for recording solo performers, small ensembles as well as voice-over work.

Studio Teo was Founded in 2000 by Mateusz Zechowski, a classically trained musician, who holds a Masters in Music from the Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw, Poland, a MMus from North Carolina School of the Arts, and AD from Yale School of Music in Oboe Performance. He has completed numerous recordings as both recording engineer and performing artist.